The Daily

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The Daily

  • Regions

    Huehuetenango; San Ignacio; Mantiqueira de Minas

  • Producers

    Mujeres de San Antonio; Las Damas de San Ignacio; COCARIVE

  • Varietals

    Caturra, Variedad Colombia,

  • Process

    Natural; Washed

The Daily Blend’s flavour profile is crafted with approachability and versatility in mind, created for all-day drinking and for perfect expression in milk. To achieve this, our Head of Coffee selects fresh, in-season lots from around the globe, combining their unique flavour elements to construct the Daily’s signature profile of dark chocolate, chewy praline, and warm spices. Before it winds up in your cup, each component is rigorously tested through a series of blind tasting sessions, where our buyers, roasters, and quality control team ensure that consistency and quality meet our exacting standards for a delicious brew.

Our current version of Daily Blend features coffees from three different producer groups, some of our strongest partnerships. The base of the blend comes from the verdant mountains of Mantiqueira de Minas in Brazil. Our partners at the COCARIVE cooperative work with small farmers who grow at the highest elevations in the region, producing coffees that are consistently sweet and clean. The second component comes from Las Damas de San Ignacio, a group of female producers who are part of the Frontera de San Ignacio cooperative in northern Peru. The women are involved with all aspects of production, from pruning and fertilising to moving their coffees to and from the cooperative. Last but certainly not least, the third component comes from Guatemala, from one of Caravan’s longest and strongest relationships, Primavera Coffee. This coffee, called ‘Mujeres de San Antonio’, was selected specially for Caravan from female producers who Primavera works with in the northern region of Huehuetenango. Together, these three components create the core flavours of our classic blend.



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Brewing Guide

Our team of roasters pour their expertise into our blends, spending hours each week ensuring each batch is consistent and our recipes current. For Daily Blend, we recommend a recipe of 19g ground coffee, extracted over 28-32 seconds, to produce 38-40g of espresso. Keep in mind that different styles of espresso machines and portafilter baskets may require changes to your recipe. For more brew tips and tricks, visit our Brew Guides.