Nebso Aba Dega

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Nebso Aba Dega

  • Region


  • Varietal

    JARC 74110, 74140, 74112, Ethiopian Landraces

  • Elevation


  • Producer

    Nebso Aba Dega

  • Process


Nebso Abadega is one such producer who has benefited from the recent relaxing of the export laws. Typically Nebso’s coffee would be sold as cherry to the well known Duromina cooperative in Agaro. His lot would then be contributed to the larger whole of the coop’s output and the provenance of his unique coffee effectively lost. With the changes Nebso now holds an export license meaning that his coffee can retain its provenance and be sold directly to exporters whereby Nebso can retain his independence whilst benefitting from the higher prices paid to individual lots on the open market.




We’ve been pulling this espresso a little longer than we would normally so as to highlight the full range of delicate flavours in the cup. 18g of ground coffee to extract approx. 40 ml of espresso over a 35 second window seems to be the perfect window for us in the lab; as ever this is a very loose rule of thumb and  like most rules its fun to break. Happy brewing with this delicious and unique coffee.