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  • Region

    Sumatra Kerinici, Indonesia

  • Varietal

    Andung Sari, Sigaran Utang, S Lini, P88

  • Elevation

    1400-1600 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    Various smallholders

  • Process

    Fully washed

250 members supply the coop year round from their smallholdings, producing approximately 2 containers of coffee per year. Freshly harvested cherry is delivered daily to several collection points spread through the six villages in the region that the coop members are spread between. Upon collection the cherry is immediately floated and separated before being pulped and fermented in readiness for drying on covered patios. Secured by our buyers late in 2018 on a sourcing trip through Sumatra, the crisp and bright character of this coffee is balanced by a rich, deep body, making this lot an ideal espresso and an
exemplary expression of the potential for fully washed coffee from Indonesia.




We’ve truly enjoyed brewing this espresso in our lab through out its development. We’ve had great results with the following recipe – 19g’s of coffee, with a yield of 40g’s, extracted over time 32 seconds. This recipe brings out the deep dark chocolate notes, cherry tones and the delicious gooseberry acidity!