Kerinci Natural

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Kerinci Natural

  • Region

    Sumatra Island, Mount Kerinci

  • Varietal

    Andung Sari, Sigaran Utang

  • Elevation

    1400-1600 masl

  • Farm/ Producer

    Various smallholders

  • Process


Coffees grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra have a unique reputation as some of the most polarizing out there; love them or hate them, nearly everyone who tries them has an opinion. Recently, new advancements have begun changing what we consider to be the ‘classic’ Sumatra profile. Nowadays, one can find much more variety from across Indonesia, with washed, natural, and many other types of processing techniques available, performed at central washing stations where small farmers deliver their ripe cherries. Though these processing methods may be similar to those found in other places around the globe, the resulting flavour profiles are completely unique. This is due to the incredible terroir and genetic varieties present on the island, found nowhere else in the world.

Mount Kerinci is the largest volcano in Indonesia, and is one of the many volcanos which make up the famous Pacific Ring of Fire, a huge swath of tectonic activity responsible for 75% of the world’s eruptions. This activity contributes to both the stunning scenery and the devastating natural disasters the region is known for. The 320 members of Cooperative Barokah who live in the shadow of Mount Kerinci benefit from its eruptions, which helps create nutrient-rich soil that is perfect for growing coffee.

Farmers in Sumatra typically own small plots of land, growing coffee alongside subsistence crops and delivering ripe cherry to their local washing station. The role of the cooperative in accessing markets and resources for their members is huge here, with some larger cooperatives having become the biggest businesses in their regions. By comparison, Cooperative Barokah is modestly sized, with an emphasis on quality and traceability. This focus is partly due to the passion of the coop’s young managing director, Triyono, who has become a local leader in processing excellence and has helped notch a number of acheivements for the coop, including a first place win at the Sumatra Specialty Coffee Contest.

This lot, which also features in our 2020 Xmas Bru this year, was processed in the natural style, uncommon in Sumatra, which imparts an extra layer of complexity with notes of dark rum and berries coming to the fore. Barokah has invested in protective domes in order to carefully dry their coffee, a hazard in a region with unpredictable weather and constant humidity. We think they absolutely nailed it this year, and are proud to feature coffee from this exciting cooperative for the second year in a row.


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Like many natural coffees, the Kirinci is body-forward, and might need some adjusting from your normal recipe to find that perfect brew. Start with a ratio of 60g coffee to 1 litre of water, dosing up or down to taste.