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  • Region


  • Varietal

    SL-28, SL-34

  • Elevation

    1700-1800 meters

  • Washing Station

    Gatagua Factory

  • Process

    Fully Washed


Our first Kenyan release for the year is from the Gatagua Factory in central Murang’a and the 650 smallholder farmers who deliver cherry there. This region on the foot of Mount Kenya is nestled between the famous coffee-growing region of Nyeri and the capital city of Nairobi.

Kenyacof is the sister company of our import partner Sucafina Specialty, who have invested a significant amount into on-the-ground infrastructure and support for farmers in Kenya. By working closely with the agronomists and quality control experts of Kenyacof, the team at Gatagua have been able to raise their average cup score to a stunning 87-88+ points. One of the most important steps to achieve higher prices for these exceptional lots was constructing the Kawaha Bora dry mill, which is capable of milling down to the scale of individual bags – allowing an intense amount of traceability as well as vertical integration in quality control.

Through partnering with Kenyacof, the farmers who deliver cherry to Gatagua have been able to have soil analysis done on their land. Understanding their soil better allows farmers to target specific fertilizer regimes, minimizing the agrochemical input for the maximum return of investment and quality. By combining tree and soil health and maintenance with the impeccable processing techniques Kenya is known for, the factory has increased the average cup score and therefore the price for which their coffee can be sold.

This lot from Gatagua has shone on every single table it was cupped – a wonderous representation of the flavor profile Kenyan coffee has to offer: lush fruits, bright acids and complex aromatics.


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Bright, lush Kenyan coffees shine on pour-over. Try a brew ratio of 1:17 to highlight clarity and elegant acidity, or go for 1:15 for an intense, jammy cup.