Edelvanio Pereira

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Edelvanio Pereira

  • Region

    Minas Gerais

  • Varietal

    Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo

  • Elevation

    1180 MASL

  • Farm/ Producer

    Sitio Grao Minerio

  • Process


Edelvanio Pereira, owner of Sitio Grao Minerio has been working in coffee for over 32 years. Now running and working at the farm with his son in law, Zeliomar, they constantly seek to improve their practices and increase quality, an ethos that resonates well with the roastery team at Caravan.

His farm is located in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil - a region of Brazil that is now gaining a great reputation for excellent coffees.

Prior to this recognition, the coffees from this region were often labelled as originating from the neighbouring regions. But it has a distinct microclimate and terroir of the soil that lends it a good cup profile worth distinguishing.

The prevalent soil type in the region is fairly rocky and sparse, known locally as “Cambisolo” – this rocky and difficult soil places a unique stress on the plant, slowing the maturation of the cherry and increasing the concentration of sugars in the seed.

A combination of the lower altitude (when compared to many coffee producing regions of the world) with this unique climate and soil type produces a coffee that is beautifully rich, sweet and complex; whilst also having a low-intensity acidity that is gentle and easy to drink.

This coffee is manually harvested, selecting only the ripest cherries before drying them whole on patios and in mechanical driers. By naturally (dry) processing the coffee, the maximum amount of sweetness can be retained from tree to cup.




We have been brewing this coffee with a classic French press. Pre-heating the carafe and discarding the rinse water, we add 45g of medium-coarse ground coffee and 750g of soft, filtered water just off the boil, allowing it to steep for 4-5 minutes before stirring to break the crust, skimming the foam and plunging softly.

For the more advanced home or pro espresso user, this coffee can also be brewed as Espresso. We profile our filter coffees for bright, clean and juicy sweetness, and as such we recommend a starting recipe of 18g, 36g out with a shot time of around 30-33s. Espresso brewed in this style is fantastic for black coffee with great clarity of flavour, and starting with this recipe and adjusting to your water, equipment and taste preference should result in an exceptional espresso, long black or Americano.

In the QC lab pulling shots, we are tasting shots that remind us of rum and raisin, with a deeply chocolatey finish