Buku Sayisa

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Buku Sayisa

  • Region

    Hambela Wamena, Guji

  • Varietal

    Wolisho, Dega

  • Elevation

    2350 masl

  • Farm / Producer

    Esayas Beriso

  • Process

    Anaerobic Natural

Mr. Esayas Beriso and his team at Buku Sayisa processed this coffee in early summer this year, using a method referred to as ‘anaerobic fermentation.’ This processing style has become more popular in recent years, owing to its ability to impart unique flavours and complexity to coffees through development of microbes that flourish in oxygen-free environments. Although this method is gaining exposure amongst coffee producers and drinkers alike, it remains a tricky and resource-intensive process to master.


Harvest for this lot was done by hand and sorted to include only the ripest cherries, which were then packed tightly inside large plastic barrels where an airlock system prevented any oxygen from entering. After 18-24 hours in barrels, the coffee was removed and laid out on raised beds with the cherry still intact, where it was dried slowly over the course of 2-3 weeks. This controlled fermentation process, if done correctly, can raise the overall quality of the coffee and thus the price it is sold for – making it full of potential but also pitfalls, if it goes wrong.

While this coffee would make a delicious brew no matter how it is prepared, we decided to feature it as a single origin espresso due to its heavier-than-average body and caramelised sugar sweetness

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Natural coffees can be tricky to brew as espresso, but don’t let that discourage you, as this coffee pays massive dividends in deliciousness for those who take their time. With so much acidity and some rather wild flavours, we recommend a wider brew ratio to keep things under control. Try a starting dose of 18g coffee to 44g water and adjust from there.