Ana Maria

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Ana Maria

  • Region

    San Ignacio

  • Producers

    Ana Maria Farseque, Finca La Esperanza

  • Varietals

    Caturra, Mundo Novo, Catimor

  • Process


Ana Maria Farseque, owner of Finca La Esperanza, has been working in coffee since she was 18, and describes herself as an extremely detail-oriented producer who aims to improve her quality each and every season. As a single mother of two young children, her days are very long – often starting at 4am – especially during the coffee harvest. Though the work itself is laborious, she is especially proud of the progress she has made, particularly in implementing new organic production methods such as a composter and solar coffee drier.

Ana Maria and her family live in the province of San Ignacio, Peru, in the northern region of Cajamarca near the border with Ecuador. This area is one of historical significance as a former Inca stronghold in pre-colonial Peru, and continues to be rich in cultural, commercial, and natural resources. Many endangered species live in the forests that border this region, with coffee farmers leading local efforts to reduce pressure on these native species. Frontera San Ignacio Cooperative, of which Ana Maria is a member, has been working with farmers, forestry managers, and local governments to create a program to protect the spectacled bear, South America’s only native bear species.

Processed on the farm in the classic washed style, this coffee was hand-picked and sorted before being depulped and fermented in small tanks prior to washing. The recent addition of a solar drier to the farm has allowed Ana Maria to control the drying process, a crucial stage for coffee quality – and investment which has clearly paid off with this year’s delicious and super-sweet harvest.

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Our quality team have always loved Peruvian coffees – well balanced with lots of sweetness to balance out their higher-than-average acidity. We’d suggest a starting ratio of 60g to 1 litre of fresh, filtered water just off boil, adjusting to size and taste. For more brewing tips and tricks, visit our Brew Guides.