AM : Blend

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AM : Blend

  • Country of Origin

    Guatemala; Honduras

  • Region

    Huehuetenango; Marcala

  • Elevation

    1600-1800 masl

  • Producer / Farm

    Mujeres de San Antonio;
    Marysabel and Moises Caballero

  • Process

    Washed; Natural

The coffees in this year’s holiday blend were grown in two Central American countries: Guatemala and Honduras. Both countries feature extensively across our line-up, in our blends as well as our single origins. In addition to tasting great, both coffees were sourced as part of our Female Producer Programme, in which we have committed to sourcing 50% of everything we roast from female coffee producers.

The base component comes from Guatemala, from the group Mujeres de San Antonio, sourced through our 10-years-strong partnership with Guatemala-based importer, Primavera Coffee. From farms located in the famous highlands of Huehuetenango, the women who grew this lot share many things in common. First, all of them process their coffee themselves, on-farm, often with hand-cranked machines and limited space. Coffee is extremely labour intensive, and it is typical for farmers to work 15-hour days during the harvest just to get it all done. Second, most women in the region have at least one immediate family member, typically male, who has migrated to seek work elsewhere. This creates additional labour for those who stay behind. Third, all are committed to producing coffee of exceptional quality, which takes even more time, labour, and attention to detail than its commercial counterpart. We are proud to have worked with Primavera, a woman-run company based in Guatemala, to purchase this coffee.

The other half of the blend comes from husband-and-wife duo Marysabel and Moises Caballero. The Caballeros are pioneers of sustainable farming, and take great care to ensure biodiversity and soil health are maintained on all their land. They do this in part by intercropping with native trees, which offer shade for the coffee plants and for workers while they are in the field, as well as improved drought resistance and soil health. They also make their own organic fertilizer using cow and chicken manure mixed with coffee pulp, ensuring these valuable nutrients are returned to the soil. This coffee was produced in the natural style, very difficult in their region of Marcala due to the humid weather. The duo are responsible for pushing the coffee industry in Honduras to adopt more sustainable and more quality-focused growing methods, which we couldn’t agree with more.

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We’ve selected the coffees in our 2022 Holiday Blend for best enjoyment in large groups 😉 No really though, we crafted this blend to be crowd-pleasing, easy-drinking, to go great with milk or without! Try a simple cafetiere recipe for two – add 30g of coffee to your cafetiere, topped with 500ml of water just off boil. After one minute, stir gently to allow the grounds to sink to the bottom. After two more minutes, plunge gently to finish at a total brew time of 3:30.

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