Peru Gesha

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Peru Gesha

  • Region

    Chirinos District, San Ignacio

  • Producers

    Noe Lopez, Miguel Ramirez, Edwin Silva Herrera

  • Elevation

    1800 meters

  • Varietals

    100% Gesha

  • Process

    Fully Washed

Several years ago, Noe Lopez and his son, Miguel, managed to locate a handful of Gesha seeds from their friends abroad. Miguel already knew about the infamous varietal, reputed to be the best tasting in the world, from his work as a quality manager at the Chirinos Cooperative. He and his father set about to raising these precious seeds at Noe’s farm in the remote Andean highlands of northern Peru. Once Noe’s trees produced their first seeds, he generously shared them with some of his neighbours, who raised them with equal care until they were ready to be harvested – a painstaking wait of up to three years, as Gesha is notoriously slow growing.

Though low yielding and temperamental to raise, Gesha – originally from Ethiopia – stands far ahead of the crowd in terms of flavour and uniqueness. This nanolot was grown organically, as is all the coffee on the farms of Noe, Miguel Ramirez and Edwin Silva Herrera, the three farmers who grew this incredible coffee. More than just genetics, we taste the patience and meticulous care with which these trees were raised, resulting in a coffee bursting with juicy acidity and ripe fruit flavours.


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Gesha is a fickle varietal in more ways than one – difficult to grow, to roast, and even (sigh) to brew. The rewards when one gets it right, however, are astronomical. The first thing to note is the importance of all the non-coffee stuff in your brewing setup. Where possible use filtered water, freshly ground coffee, and a gram scale to help you get the best out of your brew. We recommend a brewing ratio that lets the coffee open up, using slightly less coffee-to-water ratio than normal. For a 250ml brew, try a using a dose of 14g of coffee, or 28g for 500ml. For more home brewing tips and tricks, visit our Brew Guides.