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    Peru; Ethiopia


    San Ignacio; Guji Zone 


    Las Damas de San Ignacio;
    Gotae Sodu Washing Station

  • Process


The current version of our flagship blend was selected by our team of coffee tasters to retain the ripe fruit and milk chocolate flavours which have always been the base of the blend, while keeping the components themselves fresh and in-season. The first component comes from the women’s group Las Damas de San Ignacio, an association of approximately one hundred women who are all members of the cooperative Frontera San Ignacio, in northernmost Peru. The group’s aims are to improve women’s participation, leadership opportunities, and share of the local market, as well as increase the quality of their coffee. This is our third year working with the women of Las Damas and we’ve been extremely happy with the results so far – super chocolatey, medium-bodied coffees with just a hint of acidity.

The second component comes from the Gotae Sodu Washing Station in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia, a region which is home to the Oromo people. The Oromo have lived in Guji for thousands of years and, as well as having an ancient connection to coffee, are also responsible for one of the oldest democratic systems in the world – the Gadaa system. The vast majority of coffee in Guji is grown by smallholder farmers with only a few hundred trees, making the role of centralised collection and processing points – called ‘washing stations’ in coffee vernacular – important hubs of economic activity in rural Guji. This coffee was processed in the washed style and shows the classic flavours of the region, with red fruit notes and honeyed sweetness.

As always with Market Blend, we aim to bring the finest in-season and sustainably-grown lots to coffee lovers worldwide, highlighting the works of exceptional producers that we enjoy a close relationship with. Clarity, sweetness, and bright-yet-balanced acidity define this blend, with the two components combining to create a truly vibrant and exciting espresso, with or without milk. 



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Brewing Guide

Our team of roasters pour their expertise into our blends, spending hours each week ensuring each batch is consistent and our recipes current. For Market Blend, we recommend a recipe of 18g ground coffee, extracted over 28-32 seconds, to produce 38-40g of espresso. Keep in mind that different styles of espresso machines and portafilter baskets may require changes to your recipe. For more brew tips and tricks, visit our Brew Guides.