For All Lovers Brew

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For All Lovers Brew

  • Origin

    Colombia; Rwanda

  • Regions

    Huila; Muhanga

  • Varietal

    Caturra, Variedad Colombia; Red Bourbon

  • Elevation

    1500+ meters

  • Producers

    10 Women near the small towns of Tarquí, Guadalupe, and La Plata; members of Sholi Women’s Association, growing on a community-owned plot

  • Process

    Fully Washed, Natural

One of the ways we ensure that the coffee we roast tastes its absolute best is by sourcing coffees that were harvested in-season, and shipping them to our doorstep as quickly as possible. This makes certain that each lot’s vibrancy and sweetness finds its way to your cup unadulterated by the dull, flat flavours that come with older, out of season coffees. And as a representation of the farmers we work with, it is all the more rewarding to share their coffees at their very best.

We are particularly proud of our latest seasonal filter blend, not least of which because global shipping disruptions nearly wrecked havoc on the timely arrival of both of these coffees. From opposite sides of the globe, this two-part blend comes from Colombia and Rwanda, countries that feature heavily in our rotation for good reason. Both coffees were grown exclusively by women as part of our Female Producer Program, in which we’ve committed to purchase 50% of all our coffee from women in 2022.

The first half of the blend comes from the Las Esmeraldas women’s group, whose farms are all located in the department of Huila, Colombia. These 10 women all share a similar style of processing and raise the same two coffee varietals – Caturra and Variedad Colombia. This lot was processed using a washed style, with submerged fermentation for up to 48 hours, followed by drying on parabolic (read: shaded) patios and raised beds. This careful processing contributes to the brilliantly clean and sweet profile we find in the cup.

The second half of the blend comes from our partnership with the Sholi Co-operative, located in Central Rwanda. This lot was created through collaboration with Sholi’s quality team and our own sourcing department in London. Back in late summer, when the harvest was wrapping up and coffees were being dried and prepared for export, our two teams cupped over a dozen different samples, selecting the best natural processed lots for purchase. By providing intricate feedback to the Sholi team and discussing the specific conditions under which each lot was produced, the goal is to grow each side’s knowledge in order to increase both profit and quality year on year. This lot was processed in the natural style, meticulously sorted for defects, and shipped in mid-December for arrival just in the knick of time!

The combination of these two coffees at a 50-50 ratio makes for a bright and adventurous cup, with flavours of strawberry jam, sweet lemony iced tea, and syrupy molasses with a hint of florality in the finish.

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We select and roast each component of our signature filter blend for sweetness and balance, to shine in your cup with or without milk. Our latest blend has a big pop of acidity while remaining easy to brew and drink – try starting with our go-to recipe of 60g per litre of fresh, filtered water and adjust to taste. For more brew tips and tricks, visit our Brew Guides.