Fito Ruffatti

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Fito Ruffatti

  • Region


  • Varietal

    Bourbon, Typica

  • Elevation

    1450-1650 masl

  • Producer

    Finca El Salvador

  • Process


This coffee comes from his family owned farm, Finca El Salvador, which is huddled up on the Apaneca-Lamatepec mountain range. The farm employs 35 seasonal workers, and during peak season, there can be over 200 pickers on the farm at any one time, all of whom come from the local townships that surround the farm. Employees and their family all have access to free medical check-ups, which is one of the reasons, we're delighted to be working with the Ruffatti family, and Finca El Salvador. The farm has been in the family for over five generations founded by Rodolfo's great, great grandfather, Luigi Risso, an Italian immigrant who wanted to try his hand at opening an espresso bar in San Salvador but found the allure of coffee farming too great.




We’ve been brewing this espresso with an initial starting dose of 18g looking for a yield of around 37g with an extraction time of 30 secs. Whilst this recipe has been working best for us in the roastery it should only ever be used as a rough guide. Slightly different times and yields can produce some ever so slightly but delicious variations on this seasonal espresso. Expect to find plenty of red berries in the cup and a long delicious apple sweetness that pairs well with milk or stands alone.