Christian Rasch

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Christian Rasch

  • Region


  • Varietal


  • Elevation

    1250 masl

  • Producer

    Finca El Hato

  • Process


Over the years we’ve visited many times and always look forward to the new year when we visit and can see first hand the changes that Christian has implemented; not to mention the fun of getting to work on our selection for the late summer and autumn months.

This seasons lots have had us all excited as it’s the first honey process coffee that we’ve had the pleasure of roasting from El Hato. Freshly harvested coffee cherry is received at the wet mill and is immediately depulped and ran through the complex maze of serpentine channels that El Hato use to separate the various screen sizes.

Once separation is complete the parchment is floated and rinsed in a large reception tank before being laid out to dry on the large concrete patios. This style of processing is incredibly simple, by omitting the fermentation stage that is common to washing coffee Christian is able to deliberately leave a small amount of mucilage on the coffee. This residual trace of sugar creates a deeper, sweeter body in the final cup and adds a degree of complexity that is otherwise difficult to obtain. Suffice to say that this lot processed by Christian and his team is the sweetest, cleanest and most delicious coffee we’ve had from El Hato in sometime!




This coffee has been profiled to be suitable for both filter and espresso methods. We’d recommend using a ratio of 60g per litre for filter brewing and a starting dose of 18g, extracted over 34 seconds with a yield of 36 g for espresso.