Segundo Cordova

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Segundo Cordova

  • Region

    San Ignacio

  • Producers

    Segundo Cordova, Finca El Shimir

  • Varietals

    Pache, Catimor, Yellow Bourbon, Caturra

  • Process


Our friends at the Frontera San Ignacio cooperative in northern Peru are responsible for some of our favourite coffees, with lots from their women’s group going into our signature blends and those from their individual farmer members rotating into our single origins featured on filter and espresso. This latest release is from a producer we’re buying from for the first time, a member of Frontera since 2012 who comes highly recommended by their team. Segundo Cordova and his farm, Finca El Shimir, specialise in the classic washed process as well as the more experimental honey process – which is what we’ve chosen for this spring’s single origin espresso.

Since joining Frontera, Segundo has been growing his knowledge of new and experimental processing styles, and sharing that knowledge with his neighbours. Processing is a word we use for any ‘process’ that takes the coffee from a fruit to its dried, exportable state, and it is one of the most crucial steps in a coffee’s journey from seed to cup, where much of a coffee’s value can be added – or lost, for that matter. Processing in northern Peru is often done on the farm using rudimentary machinery in small batches, fermented in buckets or bathtub-size tanks, and dried on rooftops or, for slightly larger producers, concrete patios. Producing experimental styles such as honey or natural coffees can be a big risk for a small producer, but if it goes right the results can increase a coffee’s value by a significant margin.

We chose this lot for feature as an espresso, as the honey process helps to boost both texture and sweetness, making for a great drinking experience with or without milk.

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We selected this coffee as an espresso due to its heavier body and exceptional sweetness, both qualities which come to the fore when prepared as an espresso. Our recipe suggestion is 18g of ground coffee to 38g of liquid in 28-30 seconds. This produces a thick and syrupy shot, great on its own or with milk. For more brewing tips and tricks, visit our Brew Guides.